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Jaw Exercises For TMJ - Find Relief For Your TMJ Pain

As I continued in my quest to increase my knowledge about how to rid my body of the aches and pains, I found out that by just spending 5 to 10 minutes daily bouncing on my mini trampoline the body aches and pains started to diminish. Of course, I made sure that I inhaled and exhaled properly. What I found out is that the key ingredients for a healthier body were to drink more water to help the lymphatic system function properly; to make sure to pay attention to my breathing (inhaling and exhaling - some people hold their breath while bouncing); adding a liquid vitamin and colloidal mineral supplement; eating more fruits and vegetables to lessen the possibility of getting constipated; doing light bouncing on the mini trampoline; and sticking to the program. To make a long story, I learned the value of making sure to take care of myself. I learned that no one is going to do it for me and that I am the only one that can control when and what I eat, drink and exercise. I was so intrigued with my findings that I took it to the next level. I had literally helped my body with the help of some wonderful persons in the healthy alternatives that I too wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to spread the word to others about how to help themselves. It became my mission. As an educator, it was not hard to focus on my goal. Thing is, it was far from what I had studied at the university so I started to take all kinds of classes in the healthy alternatives and what intrigued me the most was helping people get rid of body pain, the easiest way. In order to teach my clients the techniques, I decided to make my own videos. It was easier for my clients to use them and learn the moves. I even added English-Latin techno music to make the bouncing more interesting but you can add any kind of music you wish.