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Prostate Massage - What is Prostate Massage For?

The prostate massage technique is used for two main reasons:
- release of sperm
- Pleasing sexual sensations
What is sexual massage
The release of sperm is important for maintaining prostate health. This practice has been used to remove this fluid from the prostate for centuries. Men who for some reason are not sexually active and do not ejaculate regularly may find prostate massage very helpful.
Without regular ejaculation, semen can build up in the prostate and cause health complications later in life, including but not limited to prostate cancer.
Some men don't use prostate massage because they don't ejaculate regularly, but rather as part of their sex life. It can be a very pleasant experience to stimulate your prostate whether it is done by someone else or by yourself.
Prostate massage releases semen from the prostate. This fluid usually makes up most of the volume of fluid during normal ejaculation, along with semen from the testicles. Orgasm triggered by prostate massage does not immediately release sperm and can be an alternative experience that creates a variety of pleasant sensations for a normal orgasm.
The orgasm that comes from prostate massage is very strong and can make your whole body vibrate with pleasure. This is a very deep, full orgasm that doesn't revolve around the penis and testicles like a normal orgasm.
Whatever the reason for using prostate massage, it is an enjoyable experience and a valuable learning technique. It is important not to use this if you have prostate cancer or any other prostate disease as it can cause it to spread to other areas of the body.

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