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Positives and Negatives of Mattress Wedge

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What are the pros and cons and know about the difference between the bed wedge, a mattress bed wedge, and under mattress wedge to solve the problem of Acid reflux? When you just left the doctor, they either told you that you are suffering from Acid Reflux, Barrett Esophagus, or GERD. Then, the head started spinning as it is recommended to not eat chocolates, drink soda, fats, or other food items that include acid. First off, it is vital to grab a better understanding of Acid reflux and it means that it is a backward flow of stomachs content into the esophagus that may lead to cause heartburn.
The upward forces that may result in acid reflux include overeating, lying down on a full stomach, Sleep Apnea, bending over, and pressure comes from the internal of the stomach.

Now, the solution to overcome this problem is Mattress Bed Wedge. Do you know what mattress wedge is? It is a type of wedge that is helpful to fill the gap between the mattress’s top and the headboard. These are placed beneath the mattresses to lift the bed around four to eight inches of height that is recommended by the doctors and experts.

Positive aspects of using mattress Bed Wedge

Let us have a look at the pros of having Mattress bed wedges that you ought to know before buying it. Get started below.

• Tilting of the entire sleeping surface as you are not able to sleep on uncomfortable foam which is not designed for sleeping at night.
• You will get a stable sleeping surface by inclining your mattress.
• If you want to move the bed, then there is no need to disassemble the whole bed.
• It comes with a warranty of around ten years. When you purchase it once, then you do not even need to think about replacing it.
Negative aspects of having Mattress Bed Wedges
Let us have a look at the cons of having Mattress bed wedges that you ought to know before buying it. Get started below.
• Due to the size of the bed wedge, the cost may be higher and it can break your bank badly. But the best part is that there is no need to replace it again and again and thus, it is a wise decision to buy the best one in a go. So, a bed wedge is a good option for the long run.
• The shipping will be more as it needs to deliver by transport that needs money as well. So, It has some extra costs that you should keep in mind.
What are bed wedges?
These are a short and narrow that works on the top of the bed.
Pros of using Bed wedges
• A less costly and good option for the short term.
• Medically recommended.
• A bit easy for delivery
Cons of using bed wedges
• Not much comfortable
• Reduces the sleeping area
• Restricts the sleeping poses.
So, choose the one wisely as per your needs and budget.