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Players see themselves as equals in this deal and moving to 17 games

Players see themselves as equals in this deal and moving to 17 games can increase the likelihood of injury and a shortened career Mut 23 Coins. They want more than what owners are willing to offerthe current figure of 48. 5 percentage of revenues -- to make it happen. I do believe an increase to 49 percent might get them to settle for 17 games, and 50 percent will surely ensure a deal is reached.

The question mark remains what else comes along with those 17 game proposals? Are the increase in retirement benefits , minimum salaries and retirement benefits tied to the 17-game proposal? Will those disappear if the players don't agree to 17 games? If yes, do better wages for younger players and more benefits and benefits for retired players be worth losing more than 49 or 50 percent of the revenue split?

Many players would think it does. In the end, taking care of the entire group is the goal of the union. when sacrificing a percentage or two would give the primary players more money in their pockets they'd definitely be for it.

Also, most players want their Week 17 pay to be equal to all of the other seasons. As of now, the pay could be as low as $250. 000 for the extra game. Yet, Peter King reported in his Football Morning in America column that players may get more money from their teams in Week 17. Out of all requests for more cash Madden 23 Coins Cheap, this one seems to be the most straightforward to obtain.