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When we talk about the craft beer, there are a lot of things that comes to mind, we think about the soothing relieve that can be derived from drinking a delicious craft beer and we also consider the original taste of a craft beer. There are many factors that make craft beer the perfect choice for relaxation, however, if you are looking for that breathtaking experience, you should always consider the perfect craft pub. In case you are looking for that pub to enjoy a delicious after work drinks nyc, you can come over to the three monkey’s pub and be sure to have a spectacular experience, the three monkey’s pub is a modish bar in NYC that is dedicated to offering you some of the best craft beers.

When it comes to the craft beer selection at the three monkey’s bar, they offer everything you can possibly want. They offer some of the best craft beer choices and with a rotating craft beer menu, you will always find a special craft shot. They bring everything special for you that ranges from the popular selection of craft beers to other local beer draft, they offer you everything that is spectacular which includes the delicious lager, Guinness and many more delicious craft beer, whether you are a big fan of the oz bottles, the lager or any other craft beer you will find what you need. Asides the fact that you are privileged to explore all their selection of craft beer, the three monkey’s bar also offers you a rotating menu list which gives you the chance to try out different craft beers.

They bring you delicious craft beers which include bottle beer selection, the can beer selection and many more. This craft pub is also reputable for offering the best sliders in hell’s kitchen neighborhood, are you looking for delicious sliders such as burgers, salads and others, you will always find the perfect slider that you need for a delicious lunch experience.

The three monkey’s pub is not only recognized as a perfect spot for enjoying some of the best craft beer and tasty sliders, they also offer you a convenient and conducive space for the best private occasions, are you interested in finding the best corporate party venue in NYC? Do you want the best event in time square? Whatever type of event you intend on hosting, the three monkey’s pub is one of the best after work drink bars in NYC.

In case you are looking for the best happy hour near me, you should always come over to the three monkey’s pub, the three monkey’s pub is located in midtown west on 246 west, 51st street.