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Outdoor Weatherproof Cushions: The Best Accessories for Australian Backyards

We all occasionally want to relax after a long day at work and enjoy the company of our friends and family. However, this will require investments. Are you looking for a simple yet cost-effective way to let your creativity run free and enhance your outdoor living space? If so, an excellent idea would be to turn to outdoor weatherproof cushions. Outdoor cushions can improve the comfort of your outdoor seating arrangements, change the look of your backyard, and provide the padding necessary to relax in the company of the most precious people in your life.

On top of that, outdoor cushions are some of the most cost-effective accessories you can purchase to play with your artistic vision. Want to make your backyard more colourful? Do you think your patio is looking a bit dull? If that's the case, an excellent idea would be to let your imagination run wild with the aid of outdoor weatherproof cushions. High-quality outdoor pillows are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, and materials, and they can be found in price brackets that suit your budget. They can provide a touch of originality to your outdoor seating, improve the comfort of your loved ones, and potentially even increase the listing value of your property.

Outdoor cushions are characterised by their exceptional durability and resistance to unpredictable weather phenomena. Are they the only accessory you can buy? No. However, they are the most affordable. Outdoor weatherproof cushions are versatile and flexible and can be used both as decorations for your outdoor benches and as picnic accessories or pool seating fixtures. The maintenance of outdoor pillows is straightforward; the materials from which they are made can successfully stand the test of time, and for many of us, they have become symbols of Aussie dwellings.

How Can Outdoor Cushions Match Your Personality?

More than 77% of Australians ( ) say they wish for a home with a large backyard. However, the outdoor space of your property will only be enjoyable if it corresponds to your artistic vision. How can cushions enhance your vision and change the look of your spaces? For starters, it's all about flexibility. Outdoor pillows can be found in almost any colour combination or design. Plus, their modest price makes them perfect accessories for you to experiment with your artistic outlook. Would you like your outdoor seating decorations to reflect the changing colours of the seasons? If so, you can opt for qualitative outdoor pillows in vibrant hues.

Are you interested in a modern look? In that case, you could look for outdoor weatherproof cushions ( ) with an abstract design or geometric patterns that match the architecture of your dwelling. The cushions you are interested in will be made of weather-resistant fabrics that will withstand the unpredictability of Australian weather. In addition, depending on your preferences, the cushions you go for could correspond with your property's thematic choices and be customised according to your family's subjective preferences.

What Is the Difference Between Interior and Outdoor Pillows?

Interior cushions are usually made of materials such as velvet, cotton, or silk, which prioritise comfort, breathability and appearance over durability. Outdoor cushions, on the other hand, prioritise weather resistance and are the option you need if you want to buy accessories that can withstand the changing weather specific to the Australian climate ( ) . Indoor cushions may be filled with feathers or polyester, while outdoor pillows are usually filled with quick-drying fiberfill, which allows water to pass without the formation of mould.

Outdoor pillows are typically UV-resistant and may, in some instances, be coated with water-repellent solutions. Their design is more practical, with functionality and flexibility being the utilised keywords. However, this extra durability comes at a cost. Outdoor pillows, due to their anti-fungal and water-resistance properties, can be more expensive than their indoor counterparts, and the variety of colours, patterns, and sizes in which they can be purchased is smaller. Can you utilise indoor cushions for your outdoor seating arrangements? You can. However, with time, their appearance will change, and in case of high humidity, there is a risk they will become mouldy.

What Should You Seek in Quality Outdoor Pillows?

For starters, you should choose pillows sold by nationally recognised brands that use qualitative fabrics in their design. As durability is most likely your number one priority, an excellent idea would be to purchase outdoor pillows made of olefin, which are treated with water—and UV-resistant solutions. This last step is essential, as the appearance of your pillows is likely to be changed considerably by the sun's rays. Not least, the pillow should be filled with quick-drying foam with antibacterial properties.

You should also pay attention to the removable covers of the pillows, the thickness of them, and the quality of the seams. The cushion you purchased is not double-stiched? If so, with time, the interior filling could slip out and make the pillows unusable. High-quality pillows do not have to be overly expensive. Typically, you could find pillows intended for outdoor use for less than $30. However, the final price will depend on the thematic model you choose and the size. What is a good size for an outdoor pillow? Usually, 50x50cm or 30x50cm for something a bit cheaper. Outdoor quality pillows are more accessible than ever, and for many Australian families, they have become mandatory accessories for outdoor decoration purposes.

The Most Versatile Purchase You Can Think Of

Outdoor weatherproof cushions are not just accessories that can give you the lumbar comfort you need but can be a canvas of your originality and aid in the enhancement of your outdoor design ideas. Outdoor cushions are cheap, versatile and readily available. Therefore, they have become a staple of Aussie backyards. Outdoor pillows are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns; their price is affordable for even the most discerning families, and their durability makes them purchases that make long-term sense.

The outdoor pillows you purchase will complement your furniture design ideas, offer protection to your patio or outdoor seating areas, be a versatile gift to friends and family, and will be the best accessories to change the atmosphere of your backyard, depending on the season. Can outdoor pillows fundamentally change the look of your property? This will depend on your creativity and attention to detail. However, for most people, cushions are versatile and cost-friendly purchases that can offer the splash of colour needed in our yards.