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Our cutting jobs are greatly reduced

Submitted by brasscaste on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 18:20

Why sand casting is still so hot in our industrial application. Let's talk to you about the special features of our sand casting by the editors of our specialty manufacturers. Why is it so popular? First of all, his wide scope of application, as small as a few grams, as large as hundreds of tons of castings can be achieved by our sand casting. Non-ferrous castings have higher specific strength and specific stiffness, good shock absorption and excellent cutting performance. Parts used in the aviation industry, instruments, radio technology and transportation industries. Non-ferrous casting cast bushing suppliers is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aviation, automobile, construction and other industries.

Steel castings account for a very small share of the use of steel materials. Most steel mills are supplied in the form of steel, so most smelters and processing plants are located in the same place. Non-ferrous metal casting Non-ferrous metal smelters often supply metal ingots with a certain chemical composition for subsequent processes to formulate various alloys; smelters and processing plants are also often separated. Secondly, the cost is low and the raw materials are extremely extensive. In general, because the shape of our sand castings is close to the size of our parts, our cutting jobs are greatly reduced.

Even if the shape and inner cavity are very complex, our sand casting can also be achieved. Talking about some advantages of sand casting, is our sand casting suitable for all product casting? For example, when casting large and important parts, we can not use sand casting, because it is prone to air holes, the quality (Mass) is not very stable (interpretation: stable and stable; no change), and so on. Whether it is sand casting, founding casting, gravity casting, or low-pressure casting, we are specialty.