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How to Manage Nidhi Business for Multiple branches

NBFC companies are becoming a trustable way to take loans in a very efficient and quick way without any hassle. Nidhi Company is a part of the NBFC which makes it follow the Companies Act 2013. There are various rules and regulations which the company has to follow but still, it works better than the traditional banks. They are strict about lending loans which is why people are migrating to the Nidhi companies.

To use the services of the Nidhi Company you have to become a member of that company. After successfully becoming a member, you can now deposit money or take loans. Everything stays among the members.

The best thing about Nidhi Company is that it is easy to form. The documentation is not too long. The capital needed for formation is just 5 lakhs. You should have at least 7 members to start the company. NO RBI license is needed which makes this process faster. To proceed further you have to ensure that within a year the Nidhi Company should have at least 200 members.

As the Nidhi Companies are growing rapidly, they have spread in many towns, villages, cities and states. Every branch of the company works on itself. The services provided are the same in every branch. These branches have their own admins and operators who take care of activities through Nidhi Software. This software has numerous features which lets the user to get an overview of all the activities and operations of the Nidhi Company.
The Nidhi Company Software is beneficial because it makes the whole process easy which might take lots of time. The software allows automation of various tasks.

Every branch of the Nidhi Company has its own Nidhi company software to manage the operations. The software also allows us to manage multiple branches. You can do various tasks with this software like:
• Create Multiple Branches

You can use the Nidhi company software to create multiple branches. This is called Branch Manager. It has every option to allow the user to create the branch management facility. There is no limit of branch creation. You can create unlimited branches with multiple facilities.

• Backup Data

There are lots of data involved in the multiple branches of the company. It is important to protect the data in case of data loss because of any accident. This data is valuable. To secure this data backup facility is available to back up the whole data somewhere to a secured location.
This can be done for all the branches of the Nidhi Company.

• Branch Staff Management
The Nidhi Company Software allows you to manage multiple branches. The staff of the branches can also be managed through this. You can create unlimited staffs for the branch. Every staff can be assigned their page rights. They cannot access anything outside of their right.

• State City and Region Master

A branch master can manage lots of things like the rights of the state master, city master, and region master. Every branch can be given a number of operators.