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What is Drop Ship Distributor?

Submitted by nhogugu on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 10:00

Dropshipping distributor is a role in e-commerce, also acts as usa dropshippers or supplier, who transfer traditional offline merchandise into distribution through online platforms. Because information is transparent and shared, channel management is easier to monitor and management costs are lower.
In terms of online retailers, they will save more costs such as storefront cost, inventory costs than before. The advantage is that retailers only need to concentrate on doing operations on their own store, while the distributor is responsible for product ordering, logistics distribution and after-sales service. Distributor is like a middle man provide warehouse and delivery for supplier and retailer. This is a free-risk business model. Every role can benefit from this dropshipping process.
Why we need dropshipping distributor?
Despite you can contact to manufactures directly, it is really a hard work to choose a reliable supplier from thousands of suppliers. It need much time to test supplier and select. And at the same time, you are easily get into traps if you are not familiar with the market.
There already are solutions to help you simplify the process. They are not the manufacture, but the certified distributor who cooperated with the selected supplier to provide one-stop service to resellers. Nowadays, more and more online suppliers or distributors obtain a ERP system to make business more easy. Next let’s view the benefits of dropshipping system:
1. Saving costs and improving efficiency: Compared with traditional channels, the processes are more streamlined, and a lot of unnecessary costs and intermediate fees are lost.
2. management is simple, accurate, fast: The data management system provides complete data sheets, clear inventory orders, comprehensive accounting.
3. Green: Do not need a large number of orders, invoices, DM orders and other tools which is a way of environmental protection, reducing material consumption.
In the e-commerce business, dropshipping is the trend. Whether it is B2C (business to customer) or B2B (business to business) the establishment of online distribution channels can quickly and completely deploy e-commerce on the Internet, and it is also the fastest way to seize the market.
List of Dropshipping distributors
Due to the fierce competition between EBay and Amazon, the most daunting tasks for sellers is to purchase the right product at fit price. So how do sellers look for sources? This part I lists some of the best sources of wholesale suppliers to let you know.
● Chinabrands:
It is a leading distributor offering end-to-end solutions for reseller. In its own official website, they develops and recruits manufacturers that share the concept of a common product. It is the sub-website of global e-grow, the top cross-ecommerse company in China. For the platform that has become a large-scale, all manufacturers and individuals only need to join this platform for management, and you do not have to build your own websites.
The features:
1. Recruit and choose the high quality manufacturer or supplier, totally up to 10000+ suppliers.
2. Categories: general categories with more than 1million SKU.
3. They keep cooperation with the top reliable manufactures in a long time, and therefore can ensure the wholesale price.
4. API technology:This allows Chinabrands to process orders placed on your site directly. You can easily import products directly into your online store.
5. Products materials are very detailed than other platforms.
6. Costs: In term of the different level of membership, the membership only need 3.99/10.99/19.99/39.99$ per month. You can also register for free as a registered member who can enjoy the wholesale price. Even the price is lower than Alibaba or Aliexpress.
7. Point policy: All members can use a certain points to deduct payment when purchasing goods. 1 point is 1 cent.
8. Chinabrands has no limitation on products quantity. Because it has its own inventory management system which can help you to ship products directly from their own warehouse. The suppliers only need to put merchandise in their warehouse.
9. Location:Shenzhen, China
● Oberlo
The features:
1.Oberlo allows you to easily import products from suppliers directly into your Shopify store.
2.Like Chinabrands, Oberlo can dropship directly to your customers, never worry about inventory, packaging, or shipping.
3.Basic Plan is for $ 29.90 per month
4.Location: Europe
● Dropshipdirect
DropShip Direct has been in service for over 10 years now and offers over 100,000 products.
The features:
1.Actively import and export stocks in the following countries: the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.
1.Categories: Merchandise category is fewer, including common clothing, beauty, healthy, outdoors, electronics.
2.Costs: PushList acces has been $9.97 per monthly.Moreover, monthly fees can be waived with just $500 worth of orders.
4. Location : USA (California)
● Alibaba
It is the world's leading B2B trading platform, selling more than 40 different categories and about 100 million products. Suppliers can register for free and can publish up to 50 products.
The features:
1.The enormous choose of supplier and products.
2.Because the supplier can register for free, there are also much scam mixed up in there. If you are starter, you must learn to distinguish the scams.
3.Categories: general products with more than 100million SKU.
4.There are numerous manufacturers of one product. You need to find a good is not a easy work.
5.Most of supplier or manufactures has minimum orders. If you only want a dozens of items, maybe it is time consuming to find, and the price will in certain increase.
6.The supplier will ship your products not the Alibaba. They only provide a platform. You need to select and cooperate suppliers.
7.Location: China
● Doba
Doba is a dropship service based in USA. Doba aggregates over 2 million products from more than 200 suppliers. It allows you to browse products and add them to your inventory. You can filter by price , category, brand, or shipping option.
The features:
1.Doba offers a 30-day free trial
2.Doba allows you to keep an Inventory from the suppliers ans export the data.
3.Membership isn’t cheap. A Doba membership will cost $59.95 to $89.95 per month.
4.Location: USA