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SMS Marketing is Easy to Use

Submitted by nhogugu on Wed, 10/17/2018 - 08:03

Cost is often a factor when small dropship electronics businesses look at marketing… but it’s not the only one.
You’ve also got to look at usability.
Take for example online marketing. Almost every small business owner I know wants to do online marketing… but many don’t.
The time and complexity of running a successful marketing campaign.
Online marketing can be very successful, but it’s incredibly complex. Bidding, set-up, tracking, codes, web pages… there are thousands of things you need to do to do it right… and if you mess up on one – well you won’t have much success.
SMS Marketing is so much easier.
Here’s the key – an SMS message is limited to 160 characters… just slightly longer than a tweet on Twitter.
As a result, you can’t spend hours and hours agonizing over what to say.
You simply put together a short message, add in a call to action… and send the message. Often you can set this up and get it sent in just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, many business owners I know do their mobile marketing in less than 30 minutes a month!
Yes – it’s easy to do and quick too!
SMS Marketing is Easy… but that’s not the best reason of all to use it…
SMS Marketing Is Incredibly Effective
YES, SMS Marketing is in incredibly effective… how effective?
Consider this, some marketing studies report that OVER 90% of SMS messages are read… most within a few moments of being delivered.
Let me say that again – OVER 90% of SMS Messages are read.
Remember when we talked about email… only 15% to 20% of email messages ever get opened.
With SMS Messaging – the read rate is over 90%.
Does that sound effective to you?
It does to me… that’s why I said SMS Marketing is incredibly effective. And that’s why every small business and organization needs to start using SMS marketing today!
While you can hastily throw together a quick text message and send it from your mobile phone… real marketing takes a bit of effort.
Not much… but if you learn a few things about how best to market using SMS messages, you’ll be much happier, and find instant success!
I’ll share some of those tips and techniques later on in this blog!
We’re going to address a number of topics over time… and each will highlight a different part of SMS marketing explain how small businesses use them best!
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