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Top 12 Features of Golang

Submitted by Nehal shah on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 12:29

Go programming language provides ample of benefits over traditional web development languages. With recent advancement in web development, there is an industry need of having a robust and secure programming language for web application development

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Following are the Features of Golang:

1. Golang is fast:
It has a simple structure and syntax to follow for programming. It’s simple, so it is more maintainable, and development is faster and cheaper.

2. Golang is concurrent:
Concurrency is one of the most important features required in web application development and Golang has built-in concurrency. Golang makes easy to progress with the help of goroutines, multiple tasks performing simultaneously. Consumption of memory is very low and helps to perform multiple tasks parallel. It required with the help of growing able segment stack only when uses more memory.

3. Golang is effective:
Golang has many built-in features which enable easy cross-platform development. Use of Golang by large companies for web application programming is not only because of its popularity; Golang has made its impact due to its multiple benefits over other programming languages. Golang is speedy and reliable with Web application development. Its clean syntax makes maintainability of code less expensive and application development faster.

4. Golang is cross-platform:
Golang is widely used and for different platforms which includes Linux, Windows, and UNIX and mobile devices. In addition, it compiles well on many operating systems. This allows portable and results in improved efficiency.

5. Golang is a Morden language:
Initially, Golang was introduced keeping cloud computing issues in mind and cloud computing is supposed to be future based technology for all the web application development. It also had a major impact on hardware architecture related problems hence, considered to be a Morden language.

6. Support of the Large Community:
As we all know Golang was introduced by Google. It has developed the fastest growing community and has more than 90,000 repositories. This has helped developers learn Golang easily and quickly. Such large community support has made Golang a popular and widely used programming language.

7. Garbage Collection:
Garbage collector helps to improve the performance of the program by providing an automated way of managing and utilizing the memory effectively. With Go, inbuilt garbage collector helps to make concurrency more efficient.

8. Goroutines in Golang:
Go routine is a light-weight thread managed through the Go runtime. Cheaper in cost as compared to threads. They are only some kb in stack size and the stack can develop and shrink according to desires of the software whereas within the case of threads the stack length must be specified and is fixed. Hence, it is common for Golang application which is running concurrently.

9. Golang is open source by nature:
It is very important for any programming language to be an open-source to become better, widely used, cleaner and much more efficient. Being open source, it allows Golang developer to identify the defects, if any in the program and correct the Go code.

10. Standard Library:
The powerful and rich library of Golang has a web server as a part of the library which provides you the ability to meet the long list of high-level tasks It has a clean syntax which can be written similar to scripting language and covers a wide range of specific areas.

11. Golang keeps the bugs away:
Go being compiled language; developers have to be more attentive and accurate while developing the program/writing the Go code. This helps to keep the bugs away and make code neat, clean and safe.

12. High performance:
As it has the ability to utilize CPU 100%. Reduced interruption while processing and faster in performance.