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Natural Doesn't Come in a Plastic Bottle

Coping with ADHD, controlling one'sProMind Complex Review mind and your ability to respond to situations while dependent on drugs may leave you curious about the use of alternative treatment options.

One day, I was reading on an article discussion about the alarming trend concerning mental decline. In one forum, it was termed as "normal brain blips". Honestly, I even could hardly understand this term. But accordingly, this is the condition when we (unknowingly) miss some events and/or small and common things we do at home or at the office.

For sure, we have experienced missing calendar/appointments. At times, we forget whether or not we have taken our breakfast, where we placed our car keys and practically many other things. You might have also experienced one day when you were typing or reading with your computer and suddenly just turned it off without realizing that you haven't saved your work yet.