Use AR Smart Glasses Designed by ThirdEye Gen and Boost your enterprise’s Productivity!

In modern times,the emergence of virtual and augmented reality technologies has been a revolution. The technologies are used in all workplaces and they can boost the efficiency of any organization. The unique and noteworthy technology has created a huge buzz all over the world and offer creative solutions to the common problems faced on a regular basis. Due to the high growth potential in manufacturing products based on augmented reality technology, many IT companies have started to manufacture AR software and products. One of the best companies that manufacture AR products is ThirdEye Gen. They have developed several next generation augmented reality products for commercial and personal use.

They have successfully developed their X1 augmented reality glasses. These glasses are beneficial in all areas of the world. Commercial organizations, educational institutes, military organizations and other similar organizations can benefit immensely from the product developed by ThirdEye Gen. Their products have introduced a new era where people can interact with surrounding objects with the help of Internet of things. The AR glasses developed by ThirdEye Gen are top of the class and the features offered in these glasses are powerful for businesses. The AR smart glasses help people to collaborate in a more effective way. The better collaboration usually results in increased productivity. They are a superior alternative to desktop computers and mobile phones. The Augmented reality based software and products have been particularly helpful in educational institutes.

The educational institutes that used the technology developed by ThirdEye Gen observed increased participation from the students. The attractive augmented software is very exciting and makes even the tedious learning process full of fun and enjoyment. The teachers could also impart more knowledge to the students due to enhance remote AR help and point of view tutoring. The Augmented reality glasses have several benefits over the smart phones as multitasking can be done more easily and efficiently.

The developers at ThirdEye Gen are very experienced and design products that are of the highest quality. The ThirdEye AR work on ThirdEye Gen’s 3D overlay platform which enables users to effortlessly scan real world objects into a 3D CAD file. The functioning of the devices is very smooth and users can rest assure that the device won’t break down during crucial moments. If any organization wants to use augmented reality software for increasing the productivity of the organization, then the efficient products offered by ThirdEye Gen can be perfect.

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