Enhance Your Painting Skills at Inksane Art Academy

Painters have been using the method of oil painting (olieverf schilderen) for hundreds of years. Oil Painting has basically emerged from England where it was used for simple decorative works. Today, oil painting is used by almost every artist and is extensively appreciated for the finishing it offers. Though oil painting takes more time to dry depending on the thickness, there are several advantages of using oil painting such as:

  • It creates luminous color
  • It contains more pigment
  • Oil paint blends well
  • Smooth finishing and texture
  • No need of framing an oil painted canvas

If you are an aspiring painter and want to learn every detailing of oil painting then Inksane Art Academy is the one-stop destination for you. Here, you can have the opportunity of buying unique and fabulous oil paintings made by the European artists without any clichés. Moreover, you can even take the painting lesson (schilderles) from the masters of Inksane Art Academy that are specialized in classic photorealism. They can teach you the fine details related to composition, design, light, and shadow etc. which you never noticed before. In this way, you will excel in the field and can learn more paying a feasible amount. The key feature of this training is that you will always be painting a live model which will enhance your perfection.

At Inksane Art Academy you can also place the order to have your portrait painted by the talented European artists which will be very similar to that of the 19th century’s painting so as to increase the charm of your own home walls. This can be little time consuming as you have to sit for a few sessions but the result will surely blow your mind away and it will be worth your time and money.

Inksane Art Academy believes that an artist or learner must be completely focused on his work, in order to mold a painting into the masterpiece. This is the reason behind the intensiveness of the painting course (schildercursus). Each and every trainer in the academy is the best and well-experienced artist so as to deliver the finest painting skills and techniques. Moreover, they will teach you the lessons in English so that you can grasp the painting detailing more conveniently. Inksane Art Academy is the place where you can find the finest artist in entire Belgium providing the best paintings and painting lessons.

For further information, visit http://www.inksaneartacademy.be