Buy Alluring Home Décor Products from Aurijinal

Modern designer pieces have become the first priority when it is about embellishing a house’s interior in order to give a unique appearance to the living space. If you desire to adorn your home with modern designer pieces, then do not forget to have a glance at the product collection of Aurijinal. It is an acclaimed name which offers a diversity of products for home décor designed exclusively by Aurijinal’s designers and manufactured using traditional craft techniques. Aurijinal’s craft workers use mother of pearl and eggshell inlay techniques as well as eastern lacquering techniques to produce amazing eggshell tableware, lacquer vases, silk lamps and mother of pearl boxes glowing with rich colors.

Aurijinal’s head office is in Thailand and the factory is in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. Aurijinal’s factory is located in a province where villagers have been using traditional lacquering techniques for over a century. The store specializes in offering seagrass furniture, Vietnamese lacquerware and lamps, all with a radiant lacquer sheen. Aurijinal has a skilled and proficient European designers’ team, a Thai sales staff and Vietnamese production staff, with the help of which the store strives hard for producing contemporary and trendy lacquerware. The store always stays up-to-dated with all the ongoing trends in interior décor and incorporates them in their designs. This is the reason why all of their products are shaped in a amazing style with an assortment of finishes which give an awe-inspiring appearance to home interiors.

Aurijinal offers Lacquer planters, bamboo lamps, indoor sculptures and seagrass furniture – all are classy home décor products. The store boasts of its quality products made as per contemporary and classy designs and because of this the store has achieved high levels of popularity among their customers including spas, luxury packing industry, departmental stores, hotels and retailers. Aurijinal has been proudly serving its customers in more than 40 countries with their main markets being the EU and the USA. Aurijinal’s production team is knowledgeable and experienced in quality control and exporting procedures and. Because of this Aurijinal’s customers can be assured ofthe fact that they are going to get quality products.

Aurijinal has conveniently categorized all of its products on its websites in a way that viewing their products and downloading their pdf catalogs is easy. So whether you are searching for eggshell stools, lacquer t-lights, lacquer photo frames, bamboo bowls, lacquer floor vases or lacquer planters, then Aurijinal is the right platform for finding and purchasing all of it.

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