Arc Health & Wellness: The Best North York Chiropractors

In the era of modernization, technology has not only grabbed industries but also the medical field in a very effective and efficient manner. Use of modern tools and diagnostic and treatment techniques has helped doctors to diagnose and help to live a balanced lifestyle. At ARC Health & Wellness they are really focused on the patient’s total health care and not just only on treating illness. They use the most recent technologies and healthcare methods to treat their patients which help them in leading a happy and healthy life.

Dr Justin Arseneau, a practitioner at Arc Health & Wellness is a leading North York Chiropractor and medical acupuncturist who has diagnosed and treated many patients with musculoskeletal conditions, acute injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. He is highly professional and is an expert in finding the source of pain and treating root cause. He has been a consulting chiropractor for many athletes. Arc Health & Wellness offers same-day appointments to their patients’ along with world class facilities by using up-to-date technology and techniques to comfort their patients. They also provide professional and customized treatment with the help of experts health services like:

· Integrated acupuncture

· Orthotics

· Taping North York

· Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy

· Massage Therapy North York

· Physiotherapist North York etc

At Arc Health & Wellness patient’s first visit will typically last for one hour. During this time period, your doctor will focus on your history or your primary complaint and a general health history. The history will be followed by a physical examination that will consist of postural examination, a range of motion, neurological examination, orthopedic testing etc in order to arrive at a diagnosis. Once the chiropractor has confirmed a diagnosis, the report of the findings will be communicated to the patient.

The practitioners at Arc Health & Wellness believe in an open discussion between the chiropractor and the patient regarding the diagnosis, treatment options, risks, benefits and goals which creates a transparency between them. The treatment begins on the initial visit following the report of findings. Subsequent visits will typically last for 30 minutes depending upon the health conditions.

They also offer direct billing to their patients with various Health Insurance plans. Patients may also fall under the Workers compensation Board if they have been injured at work or through their automobile insurance if they were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Arc Health & Wellness provides one of the best North York physiotherapy to their patients that help them in achieving the optimal health and life balance.

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