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The economies of a high-end escort

Working an 8-5 job will never make you rich; this is according to a savvy girl who works as a high end escort in Chennai. She currently makes a 6 figure monthly salary which is tax free. This is a worrisome fact since not many people will earn a six figure salary in their lifetime leave alone in a month.

She reiterates that in her case her salary varies but never goes below 6 figures. Well this statement itself fails to justify the laws of business. How does she make such an enormous amount while the supply is high and so isthe competition?

Holiday Decency


A recent research conducted in Chennai showed a decline in the number of people requesting for female escorts in the past few months. When we talked to Lilly, an Independent Chennai Escort, she said that this is typical especially during the holidays.

Married men, who are escorts’ biggest clients are suddenly visited by the morality fairy. They spend more time at home with their families and for a while, shun going for escort services.

However, according to Lilly, no escort is worried. Because inevitably, January will roll in and so will the stresses of demanding work and family life. In come the clients.

Law of Supply and Demand

When there is a high demand, you would expect the supply to decrease in return and with that the price to increases. Well this is not the case with high end escorts. No matter where the demand falls, the price for a high end escort is the same. But why is this?

The first thing to understand is that the escort business is not seasonal. As more boys and girls turn eighteen, so does the demand for escorts grow. Sure, there may be a dip in demand as earlier mentioned; during the holidays but it is not something to write home about. Escorts, even during low demand, can stick to their guns or hibernate until the demand goes up again. After all, it is only during the holidays and as it turns out, they have their own families too!

Besides, according to Trixie, an  T nagar Escorts , when you reduce your price, the clients assumes that something terrible has happened. For example, you are sick or your services have somehow reduced in quality.



Value for money and beauty is not only what determines whether you are a high end escort or a dingy escort, you have to be smart too Most of the customers who love experiencing the high end escorts are never bothered by the high price because to them they receive a premium service that is truly an experience away from home.

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