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Top 5 most painful Arsenal exits, now featuring Alexis Sanchez's multi-million swap deal to Manchester United

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He's gone! Alexis Sanchez has officially left your building.   The Chilean, that has wanted out at Arsenal for the long-time now, has completed an enormous-money go on to Manchester United, where he'll earn just shy of £500,000 each week.  In transfer terms the deal is utterly massive. On his day the 29-year-old is definitely one of the most beneficial players inside Premier League, as well as for him to Buy FIFA 19 Coins get leaving one club for direct rival is scandulous. And yet, because Arsenal come to mind it's not half as shocking because it should be. the truth is, for Gunners supporters, this could be the norm. Here we look back about the top five most painful Arsenal exits within the last few few years. Arsene Wenger has seen the back of the number of top players at Arsenal.

5. Alexis Sanchez - Manchester United (swap for Henrikh Mkhitaryan) It's remarkable that Sanchez rates so close to this list, but as aforementioned the Chilean's transfer away through the club was expected. In fact, Gunners supporters were surprised he stayed for the club as long when he did, after Manchester City looked set to sign him during the summer. The most painful point about this transfer could be the fact that Sanchez moves to some direct rival - a team battling Arsenal for just a top-four finish. Alexis Sanchez completed a January go on to Manchester United.
The Gunners can be simply strengthening the Red Devils going to the business end on the season, however it seems the Chilean had his heart set using a move, and from the end there were very little they may do about this. If this transfer had happened five/a decade ago it may be fighting for your top spot because most painful Arsenal exit of them all. And it really is exactly this that sums up how bad stuff has become at Arsenal where transfers come to mind. 4. Patrick Vieira - Juventus (£13.75million) Vieira wasn't quite with the peak of his career when he left Arsenal for that Serie A giants, but, in hindsight, his departure is mainly responsible for nothing but pain. It was the France midfielder who scored one more penalty inside the Gunners' FA Cup wow Manchester United back 2005, prior to leaving the club inside same year. Patrick Vieira left Arsenal for Serie A giants Juventus.
What followed would be a nine-year trophy drought through which Wenger tried and continually failed to locate a option to Vieira. The Frenchman's transfer faraway from Arsenal marked the conclusion of an era in north London, which could never be recaptured again. And if that's not painful, then absolutely nothing is. 3. Cesc Fabregas - Barcelona (£35million) He might have started his career at Barcelona, but there seemed to be always the sensation that Fabregas was an Arsenal boy through and through. And with the most part he was. Fabregas was named Gunners captain just 21, and also at times single-handedly led the group to victory, despite his tender age. He made an incredible 303 appearances to the club, and like Vieria, was obviously a part from the team that won the FA Cup against Manchester United. Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal for his boyhood club Barcelona.
But when Barcelona came calling the Spaniard decided he desired to go home, high was nothing Arsenal could do to halt him. His comments upon signing for your Camp Nou giants were also damning from an Arsenal perspective, colliding with the nail within the head due to the direction the club was moving. Fabregas would later join Arsenal's rivals Chelsea.
'I was simply a servant and spent eight years there when I gave absolutely everything', he was quoted saying. 'It didn't show inside cabinet, I only won one FA Cup.' The story would be painful with the Gunners after Fabregas later returned on the Premier League with Arsenal rivals Chelsea, where he remains today. 2. Robin van Persie - Manchester United (£24million) This needs to be on par with all the Sanchez transfer, because it is almost identical, nevertheless it rates much higher around the 'painful scale' due to your aforementioned points. Like Sanchez, Van Persie was undoubtedly the Gunners best player when Manchester United came calling as well as the Dutchman jumped ship. He left the club because - again, like Sanchez - he desired to win some silverware and was cautious from the fact he was getting old. Robin van Persie won the Premier League in the first season at Man United.
The transfer made the idea that Manchester United were a measure above Arsenal, a club which you aspire to experiment with for and so treat the Gunners just like a stepping stone. Arsenal fans feared this would get to be the norm, and a few years after their club had basically dominated the Red Devils from 2001 to 2004. The transfer also directly led to Manchester United winning the league that year - Sir Alex Ferguson's last responsible - with Van Persie leading them towards the title. 1. Ashley Cole - Chelsea (£5million) Everything about it transfer was painful from an Arsenal perspective. Cole was, and would be for any long while, one of the most effective, if not the most beneficial, left-backs in world football. He came through Arsenal's youth system, and was therefore a program of just what the club was competent to produce. In other words, he was perfect coming from a fans' perspective. Ashley Cole came through Arsenal's youth ranks.
Cole has also been a component of The Invincibles Gunners team, who went a complete season without having to be beaten, and featured from the club's Champions League final defeat to Barcelona in 2006. He what food was in line to at least one day becoming captain. So where made it happen all go awry? At time the left-back was earning around £27,000, but his contract was up for renewal, also it seems Arsenal wasn't prepared to meet his demands. Cole wanted a fresh deal worth £60,000 - Arsenal weren't able to budge for the £55,000 that they had offered their youngster, and were seemingly blind towards the idea that another club could come looking for him. Cole left Arsenal for Chelsea.
Chelsea stumped the extra cash, and took Cole to Stamford Bridge. The transfer was massive for any number of reasons, rather than just because Chelsea had stolen one with the Gunners' best players. The transfer represented the change in power between the 2 teams. Arsenal were no more the dominant force over their London rivals within general and financial terms. The left-back continued to win the Champions League with Chelsea.
Arsenal, who wanted £25million to the transfer, were even embarrassed above the price after they eventually shook on £5million and William Gallas - no disrespect for the Frenchman, who would be a brilliant player with the time, but didn't quite have precisely the same career as Cole. Cole would continue on to win everything he possible could with Chelsea, making the full situation more painful from an Arsenal perspective. If you haven't bought FIFA 19 Coins, you could access to MMOAH to get cheap Coins.