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FIFA 18: Will EA Sports be bringing a FREE World Cup mode to your game?

Submitted by mmotony on Thu, 04/26/2018 - 01:25


FIFA fans may be treated to some free World Cup mode this season, to coincide using the upcoming tournament.Although it's yet to become confirmed, you'd only ought to look to FIFA 14 to determine how EA Sports could capitalise around the global event.

Back on May 29 2014, EA released an exclusive Ultimate Team: World Cup mode - and yet, it didn't cost a penny.It arrived to be a free update - a welcome change given how strongly EA leans around the in-game purchase model.
EA will probably be missing a large trick if they don't include a World Cup modeThe mode featured?players and kits from all of 32 teams engaging. It even included a state adidas? Brazuca match ball and Estadio do Maracana in Rio.There were new player items, too - with FIFA Coins updated player images and also a fresh World Cup theme for making your squad get noticed. Some players even received updated stats for that World Cup alone.New cards and ratings will certainly be a part of the promotionBut it gets better.
Back then, there would be a two-for-one promotion on FUT packs - which meant you have got a free normal Gold pack atlanta divorce attorneys World Cup pack opened.Yes, you read that right.The mode may be played offline and on the internet - so was available to allYou may even play through the complete tournament online or offline, from your groups for the knock-out stages. Incredible.FIFA 14 really brought the World Cup one's - but this season the Frostbite engine should mess it up out on the waterPlease accomplish this, EA.
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