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FIFA 18: EA just gave an order of players new faces

Submitted by mmotony on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 02:00

FIFA 18 fans are already treated into a number of brand new faces - as EA battles to maintain its game up-to-date.Neymar, David Silva and Raheem Sterling are just a few star names who've had a makeover.Neymar now boasts lines from the side of his hair, while Silva - who shaved his hair with the start of the summer season, has become - basically - bald.

Sterling's face looks far more lifelike, too.However, fans were quick to indicate the update won't automatically update faces on existing Career Mode saves.5Neymar now boasts the haircut he sports in tangible lifeOne fan gamer wrote: "The faces don’t update while on an existing career mode save, therefore you’d be stayed with FIFA Coins head-of-hair David Silva knowning that s****y excuse for just a face Raheem Sterling has had from the game for the very last couple of years."Manchester City's Vincent Kompany - who, in line with EA's facial scanning team, is 'far and away' one of the most realistic looking player in series.
For the past two years, EA provides facial scanning to guarantee in-game characters look much like their real-life counterparts.The scanning team visit different clubs, recently Forest Green Rovers, to scan player faces before importing them into your game. But each year it's Kompany that appears the best.5Sterling character model went under the knife - with impressive results"Vincent Kompany is going to have essentially the most detail now because he's been scanned so often," said Jack Hoyle, a freelance camera operator who works best for EA facial scanning team."This happens because he's the ball player we use for almost any tests - so each and every time there's a software update with the graphics, Kompany has the first batch test on him."So, he actually gets an updated character yearly - meaning he'll be far and away the top quality.
Silva is 'bald' following City star shaved off his flowing locks"Any time there's an update carried out in Vancouver that then gets sent onto me - the example is definitely Vincent Kompany."Maybe the coming year it must be Sterling.Romelu Lukaku or Harry Kane? Why not at this weekend's big game?That’s the good thing about Dream Team Weekender – there won't be any budget limitations so that you can pick any player offered by this weekend’s fixtures.That means you don’t need to worry about only picking one star striker when Manchester United and Tottenham lock horns in weekend's tastiest encounter on Saturday lunchtime.
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