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I have run FD Maple M Mesos

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Submitted by mmogofifa on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 07:34

I have run FD MaplestoryM Mesos days for my own +15, I have never got wings in lube/rog or a kanduras, I'm at 2k pet grabs without a epic, I've alright rolls and can clear up to cdev but the mill only comes back and much tougher with legendary gear, it took me so long to acquire proper stats whom I don't even need to grind for more legendaries. Gemstones will be the absolute worst part of this rng, the % chances are

only ridiculous and the amount you can do them is demoralizingly minuscule, about 4 attempts a week that will likely all fail and all you can do is simply grind treva or guild coins to get perhaps 2-3 more tries in the event that you grind for the entire week nonstop that is only insane, socketing I believe its mostly fine except for the 500k meso fee on obtaining accessories that's just way too much in my opinion.

It is a massive rng meso sink which will just drive you bankrupt because you're unlucky, the worst part is that gems are actually necessary for raids beyond cdev due to the absurd hp raise the supervisors obtained. When you push fail after fail after neglect to your players they simply get demoralized and stop, does not help there's literally no point in getting better equipment, no satisfaction for whatever you do, all you can do it just chat with friends, shame everyone is simply asocial in this game so nobody speaks, you never find an actual communal guild, they're all super attempt hard and very unfun, somebody I know reached rank 1 in cdev clears for some time, got recruited in a try hard guild and that only made them stop. ?

Its funny, once I saw this announced and eventually Maplestory M Mesos for sale launching after teasing it for years, I was determined NOT TO PLAY. I associate and bot population that is heavy and Nexon matches. Every game I have played has poor bot counters and a exploitation variable. Yet still, I was horrified as somebody who'd completed beta localization for MS1, and got dragged into the game anyway.

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