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What Do Your Jewelry Gifts Mean

Speaking the language of symbols and expressing feelings without uttering a word is the ability of a loving heart. A gift to the one you love can mean a lot - love, happiness, well-being... How can you convey what’s on your mind and in your heart? Jewelry will come in handy! Let’s look at the commonplace symbolism found in jewelry and reveal its significance.

Timeless classic

Not only does the heart tell ‘I love you’ but also ‘I will be loyal to you forever’.

A circle with a small gem denotes infinity and eternity. When you give it to a friend, it assures of sincere and unconditional friendship. A beloved person will have no doubts regarding your feelings if you present him or her with a ring or necklace featuring this simple symbol.

A drop is a signifier of water and life. Jewelry with this symbol says ‘Let our love or friendship get stronger with every drop’.

The first letter of his or her name speaks of your attention and thoughtfulness. A person receiving it as a gift will understand that you appreciate and love them you for who they are.

A rhombus or triangle is a symbol of money. It whispers ‘I wish you prosperity and wealth’, ‘May everything you wish comes true’.

Clover or shamrock is an unconditional symbol of luck. It has the power to become a talisman if you give it with good intentions at heart.

The crown represents love and power. ‘You are the queen of my heart!’, ‘I will win your heart, no matter what the cost’ – these are the words crown jewelry non-verbally articulates.


A flower is a symbol of love, femininity, and spring in the soul. It tells your beloved one ‘Next to you I will blossom’, ‘You are beautiful like this flower’.

Rose is a symbol of temptation, playfulness, and flirt.

Lotus is an ancient symbol of happiness, the birth of life, as well as pure thoughts. The messages it conveys are: ‘You have a beautiful soul’ or ‘You are not like anyone else’.

Peony represents abundance, wealth, success, luxury, and happiness. ‘I’ll shower you in love and care because you deserve it’ – this is what it whispers.

Orchid is femininity itself. A ring or necklace with an image of orchid will utter ‘You are special’.

Chamomile stands for tenderness and fidelity. ‘I love you dearly’ and ‘My feelings are sincere’.

Leaves mean thirst for life and rebirth. ‘Live a full life and do not deny yourself the pleasures’ – the message this jewelry conveys.


Animal head rings convey the key features of these animals. Wolves, bears, boars, tigers and other predatory beasts will suit masculine individuals while small, tender, and fluffy animals will click with women.

A cat is a powerful talisman of love, a symbol of female grace, and a defender against the evil eye. ‘Let the cat's eye take the evil away from you’ – that’s what such a present denotes.

A dog is a symbol of fidelity, courage, and justice. With a dog pendant, you say ‘I am faithful to you forever’.

A butterfly represents paradise, victory over life's vicissitudes, and eternal summer in the soul. It says “I admire your lightness and grace’ and ‘You are the most beautiful girl in the world’.

Dove is love, gentleness, care, and peace of mind. Dove jewelry lets your beloved one know that you care because you love. It says ‘I love you so much that I am walking on air’.

A falcon (or hawk) signifies freedom, inspiration, and dream. ‘Chase your dreams boldly’ and ‘Have success in all of your undertakings’ – this is what falcon jewelry is all about.

Ladybug is a symbol of luck. ‘Take this talisman and be lucky!’ or ‘Keep this jewelry and you will never know failure’ – are the wishes attached to ladybug accessories.

A snake is an embodiment of wisdom, female attractiveness, and renewal. I man presenting such a gift says “I do not know anyone more beautiful than you’, ‘May this talisman protect you from envious people and enhance your beauty”.

A lion or lioness represents power, fearlessness, and fierce. ‘You are the leader of a pack’ or ‘You are the strongest woman I know’ are the meanings a lion talisman enclosures.

A little bee denoted hard work, fertility, and wealth. A brooch or earrings with this striped insect utters ‘A reward awaits for all your hard work” as well as “May fate favors you and your loved ones'.

Fish is an ancient symbol of abundance, fertility, prosperity, as well as mystery and intuition. ‘May all roads lead to success’ and ‘I wish you to bolster your tangible and intangible wealth’ – this is what you can read in fish jewelry.

An owl is a wisdom, clairvoyance, insight, and the ability to see people through. ‘Learn new and you can rule the world’ – this is the meaning of owl images in jewelry.

Now that you know what symbols in jewelry mean, picking the right present won’t be too hard.