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How to Prepare For Your Eye Exam - Get Best Prescription For Your Eyesight

There are certain things that may Lutenol Review harm the eyes. For years I had been plagued with severe headaches and aspirin became a regular supplement for me. When I talked to a nutritionminded doctor his immediate advice to me was to get off the aspirin This I did. Aspirin was the only drug that I took but other drugs both prescription and nonprescription may cause harm to the eyes too.I have used both the standard and alternative type treatments. While the standard eye injection or shot in the eye certainly works for stopping leakage in the eye and currently seems to be the best thing available for that purpose drugs are used here and all drugs do have side effects.

These include acupuncture microcurrent stimulation light therapy and oxygen therapy. To my knowledge none of these are covered by insurance however I think they should be.The only one of these alternative therapies I have used so far is acupuncture. Acupuncture has helped my eyes and it lasts a long time. I plan to go for more treatments when I can. Unfortunately only a few doctors in the United States offer this service so traveling to them can be expensive and time consuming. If you are able to go to an acupuncturist who specializes in treating the eyes and that is very important I definitely recommend that you do it

Another therapy that I believe in is the power of prayer. God is the ultimate healer. When you pray and believe that you receive the answers to your prayers miraculous results can happen.In todays faced paced world whereby technology is a dominant aspect of our lives whether or not we are engrossed in our laptops tablets computers or iPads the prolonged use of these devices are placing a lot of strain on our eye muscles. Therefore there is a greater need for an effective natural technique to sooth and reduce eye strain. Vision exercises are an effective natural alternative to glasses contacts and laser surgery. These techniques strengthen the eye muscles.

They also improve their flexibility and focusing power. Additionally they upgrade the ability of the visual system to function in a more healthful and efficient manner. Putting these vision exercise techniques into regular practice can help you improve your eyesight naturally. However another important benefit of visual exercises is to sooth and relax the eye muscles and relieve stress and tension in the visual system. An example of such a vision exercise technique that helps you to achieve that goal is called eye rolls. Therefore here is a demonstration of how to perform this technique as well as the benefits associated with this eye exercise.