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How to enter the product key for McAfee

Product keys are the 25 digit code which developed to activate the antivirus subscription. To get advanced security & shielding of your device you should take a subscription for your antivirus. Among all McAfee antivirus is one of the best antiviruses which subscription you can activate by mcafee com activation 1-877-226-6053. Do you know how you can enter the activation key for activation of McAfee subscription? You should simply try the steps of this blog post which are described in a very simple manner.

Before you will go for finding the product key ensure that you have bought the McAfee antivirus through offline or online mode.

How to find product key of McAfee antivirus?

For online mode: When you have purchased the McAfee product key through online mode then you should follow the steps:
1. Sign in your McAfee confirmation email which you received on your mail address.
2. Then tap on that mail, here you will find a 25 digit code.
For offline mode: When you have purchased the McAfee antivirus product key through offline mode, follow the given instructions.
1. Search the McAfee antivirus installation box.
2. Under this box, you will find a retail card.
3. Behind this card, you will receive a code which contains 25 digits.

Where to enter the product key for activation?

When you will find the activation key of McAfee, further proceed to enter the key into required field. At the time of activating the subscription of McAfee, you will have to enter the 25 digits of activation key into the activation page.

You will require the product key not only for the activation of the antivirus but also when you need to renew the subscription. In some cases, people lost their activation key and unable to activate or renew the McAfee subscription. In this condition, you should visit at McAfee account and then you will find the mcafee product activation inside the account information. Then select the antivirus product which you have purchased and then you will find the product key. Then you can follow the steps in sequence those are given in this blog.

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