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How Surrogacy has turn into a business?

Surrogacy in India has changed a lot. Earlier it was a process through which the couples could become parents but soon things took a drastic change and it became a business. Women would use it as a source of money and would ask for lump sum amount just to deliver the baby. Surrogacy in India is now a business and surrogates have found a way to make money. Sometimes the surrogates even break the contract and run away with the baby. The number of unethical cases has been quite on rise since a long time. On one side where couples are using surrogacy to have a baby, the surrogates are misusing the same.

So now a question arises that do the laws pertaining to surrogacy have nothing to do with the process. If there are laws then why such things are happening.

Surrogacy – legal but no control
As already said above that the issues with surrogacy have been many. Some are reported while others are not due to several reasons. Either the contract is breached by the surrogate or the specialists involved in the process have unlawfully done it. A few cases which are reported do not get any kind of justice. Poor women are usually hired for such purposes and just a small amount of money is given to them. For them money is necessary and that is when they get into the trap of the clients.

Considering women as a baby making machine is definitely wrong or paying them for the body parts is a sin. Surrogacy is all about the willingness of another woman to help the couple and it should not be a forced act. But today women are being blackmailed for the same for the sake of money or a comfortable life. Some are able to get through the problems and there are few who not even get their compensation. Despite the strict laws related to the surrogacy, the scenario is quite different from the real story.

Today it is essential to have full control over the surrogacy and it should not be treated as an industry. Indian government needs to have some strict action for such things or else things can get worse with time. There are a lot of other countries like Canada where surrogacy is legal but the amount of respect that is given is just commendable. It should not be like an exchange gift in which the woman or the surrogate is a sufferer. In no way the surrogate should be pressurized for the process but should come forward only when they feel comfortable.

Matrika Medicare is a low cost surrogacy clinic in delhi ( where top notch services are provided and has a team of qualified doctors and experts. The affordable surrogacy cost in India attracts a lot of couples from other countries but it should not be a business. The surrogacy centres should pledge to come forward and curb the unethical practices that are going through as a part of surrogacy and treating surrogate mere like a machine. Hope things improve with better laws for surrogacy.