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Wedding candlestick allegorical analysis

Chinese style wedding or western wedding, at the scene of the wedding always little not the existence of candlestick this wedding supplies, however a lot of people are not very understand wedding candlesticks implication, when candles what is taboo. So let's do that.
Wedding candlestick meaning
Whether Chinese or western, modern or ancient, there is no shortage of candles at weddings. It is reported that in ancient China, there was always the meaning of marrying a wife to continue the family of the fireworks, so lighting the candlestick symbolizes the continuation of fireworks. The husband and wife are full of expectation and love for their daughter-in-law. In order to express their gratitude to their husband's family, the two of them rely on lighting the candlestick together and express that they will make joint efforts to carry on the family line.
And modern candle is the second candle also represents the road to the future of two people, a small candle light is the unity of heart, silently waiting for the bride to ignite hope, at this moment, the new four one hand, and take the starting point a burning stick, in front of close friends together go to ignite one hundred candles. The warm candlelight also lit up the couple's bright future. The meaning of lighting a candle at a wedding is to light happiness and happiness
What about the candles on the wedding candlestick
The process of lighting a candle is divided into two parts. The first part is to light a family candle and the second part is to light a marriage candle in the middle. The second part was lit only after the completion of the oath and the declaration of marriage.
The first part of the program can be held at this time, lighting a candle can also start a little earlier, for example, in the couple's mother before sitting down can ignite, usually the couple's mother is finally sat down and begin the wedding, can in the mother sat down, lit a candle. Related reading: the wedding ceremony candlestick hosting words to create a warm and romantic wedding atmosphere
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The wedding candle
The first category:
The first part of a candle candle - on behalf of the groom and the bride's life, and both sides of the family, the candles will be made by both sides of the mother, friends or children (full name of the man candle), (full name) of the woman candle lit.
The second part is candle lighting - the bride and groom will now light the candle of unity, representing their life as one from now on.
Or the second part of lighting a candle - at this point, the groom (full name) and the bride (full name) will light the marriage candle from the lighted family candle. To do so is to represent their life as one from now on.
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