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>A guide to wedding photography in phuket

1. Passport and visa are indispensable for going abroad. Newcomers to phuket need only hold a valid passport and a Thai visa.
2, the new people in the selection of phuket wedding photography, is looking for domestic or looking for local phuket? Recommend new people or look for from domestic, communication is convenient and also know the inside story.
3, to take wedding photos in phuket island couple also pay attention to, some local folk customs in phuket, it is best to know in advance what taboo and taboo, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.
4. The best time to travel to phuket every year is from November to April of the next year. The couple should go to phuket to take wedding photos.
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5, the couple must understand when picture taken good shooting the weather that day, and if the light is too strong, can make facial cast shadows, affect their wedding photos taken effect, so the couple when to shoot wedding photos must communicate with the photographer, choose the light the weather is not too strong, so take the effect will be better.
When taking wedding photos, the bride and groom should have their nose slightly higher than the lens, which will make the contours of their face more beautiful and reduce the shadow under their eyes.
7. When you smile, put your tongue behind your teeth as much as possible, so that you can relax your face when you smile, and the shooting effect will be better.
8, although the smile is the most easily on camera expression, but do not laugh when laughing, it will increase the wrinkles around the eyes, it is easy to increase the appearance of old age.
9. When taking photos, put your arms on both sides of your body as far as possible, but they should not be too close to your body, so that the effect is not very natural. For a more natural look, the arms can be slightly separated from the body for a better effect.
10. Generally speaking, people will have some gestures and gestures when taking photos, but it is better for new people not to use any common photo patterns, such as the "V" gesture, which is not new and the result is not very good.
2, yuzhu optimus:
Yuzhu tianqi scenic spot is located at the southern foot of the main peak of yulong snow mountain. It is also known as the first village under yulong mountain -- wuluken (baishayu lake village). It is more than ten miles away from the ancient city and is the Summer Palace where the ancient tusi spent their summers. The scenic spot integrates natural scenery such as snow mountain, jade lake, cliff stone carving, naxi people's preference holy land, jade dragon academy and sacred spring. Dongba culture, Tibetan Buddhism and colorful ethnic customs add radiance to each other. It is a big window for experiencing lijiang and a home for placing the soul.
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