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Create your own wedding dress

Create your own wedding dress
Gemini girl: white and beautiful wedding dress style
D active Gemini is always not easy to play, to create special preference style, on the choice of wedding dress, also should be a "claim", all of this and that the princess in the swan lake auger tower image and Sweden - princess auger tower was changed into a swan devil rhode barr, in the evening to return to human form. Only when someone really loves her does the magic go away. Princess ojetta will have to rely on wisdom to win a new life in the face of many difficulties. The mystery of the angel and the nobility of the princess coexist. The Gemini bride always exudes charming elegance and welcomes a new life with everything new
Cancer girl: a pale gold dress with a trailing wedding dress
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Cancer brides prefer vintage wedding dresses with a classical flair. Nostalgia is an important part of the personality of cancer, so the classic ivory wedding dress is their favorite, and the lace tulle with embroidery will make the cancer double. At the same time, the pale golden tux is the best expression of the unique temperament of the cancer bride.
Leo girl: the bold and hot wedding dress style
The Leo bride, a brand advocate, will pay an astronomical price for a designer dress, and they will spend a lot to care for every detail. This interest in taste and price is the epitome of Leo's personality and the reason why she is always attractive.
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