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RuneScape Classic will RS gold

RuneScape Classic will RuneScape gold shut down for good on Aug. 6 and, though everyone in the community is grieving the loss of a match they have played for years, Paul said it is wonderful to know that RuneScape Classic will stay a beloved match, remembered by so many men and women. It's great to know that so a lot of people still have a passion for RuneScape Classic.

Life beyond RuneScape: Jagex's bid to build a games portfoliAfter we visited Jagex last year it had been on the brink of a renaissance. 'The next era of Jagex' was the line we were being fed, and it all looked very promising.Twelve weeks later and I'm back facing CEO Phil Mansell. There's been plenty of Jagex activity in that moment - at least in terms of brand marketing, recruiting and conventions - but small to really show us what Jagex 3.0 is going to look like. The hints he dropped this past year around new games and new initiatives have yet to manifest into anything concrete.

Last year was my first year as CEO, and the first complete year with our new owners, Mansell explains. The first half of the season was very much around getting our vision in place, working together with the staff, doing our market research, talking with the business... so we can understand the lay of this property. There was rather a great deal of self-reflection, if we're honest. Thinking about what Jagex is really very good at.

And the first is the exact same game that has buy rs 3 gold defined the previous two ages of Jagex: RuneScape.Making RuneScape a priority for Jagex may seem obvious, however, the firm has made the mistake of not looking after it earlier. During the age of the ill-fated Transformers title, RuneScape began to wane. It had become failed. Over the past four years that has changed - including the initiation of the nostalgia-tinged Old School RuneScape - and the outcomes are plain to see.

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