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5 ways to get the best car loan interest rates

Purchasing a car of your own has been everybody’s dream since childhood, but the costs associated with the purchase of a car is something not everybody can afford. The purchase of a car is a massive financial commitment and buying the car by paying the full amount at once can put the individual in a financially unstable position. Thus, the purchase of a vehicle through a car loan will help the customer without affecting their financial stability and in buying a better car than the one available in their budget. Almost all financial institutions offer these loans to the customers with terms and conditions which are satisfactory for the customer. The customers who have opted for a car loan will need to qualify for some basic criteria’s for owning a car.

A car loan is just like any other loan, the financial institution will provide the amount which is needed for the purchase of the car to the customer. A car loan can be availed for both a new car or a used car. The customer will have to make repayments for the loan through equated monthly instalments (EMIs). The interest rates that are offered on car loans are decided during the time of loan approval and the car loans generally have fixed interest rates. The interest rates on a car loan will differ between financial institutions. The good thing about car loans is that the car will itself act as security, so the customer does not need to provide any type of collateral to the bank. The customers can easily calculate the EMIs and the interest rates online on the official website of the financial institutions.

5 ways to get best car loan interest rates

1. Credit score:
Before the sanctioning of the loan, a financial institution will conduct a background check on the customer’s financial standing and the repayment habits. If the customer has some outstanding debts or has a history of not making the repayments on time, then these things may affect the credit score and the financial institutions will not view the customer as a viable candidate for providing the loan. It’s essential that the customer maintain a good credit history.

2. Negotiate:
The customer who has applied for the car loan should negotiate with the financial institution which may help the customer get low interest rates. The financial institution will never turn down a loan application on this basis. Thus, negotiating with the financial institution over the interest rate may help the customer in getting a low car loan interest rate.

3. Research:
The customer who wishes to opt for a car loan should be able to conduct a thorough research on the different car loans which are provided by financial institutions. Comparing different lenders will help the customer to make an informed decision which will help them in the long run.

4. Relationship with the bank:
If the customer is an existing member of the bank and they are opting for the car loan from the same financial institution, the chances are that the bank may offer them some offers to keep them on a customer for future. Thus, maintaining a good relationship with the bank which may help them get low interest rates.

5. Long tenures:
When the customer avails a car loan for a long tenure the loan amount which is spread over a long term which will mean that the interest rate applied on the monthly instalments will be low. Hence, opting for a long tenure will help the customer get a low car loan interest rate.