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Mahindra Tractors in India - For Mechanized Farming

Mahindra & Mahindra was founded to resolve all the farming problems of Indian farmers, and this brand succeeded in accomplishing such. It is an Indian agricultural brand which offers a variety of top-class tractor models from 15 HP to 60 HP, and these models are listed at an affordable price on Tractor Guru. 

Below are the complete details of popular Mahindra tractor models in India.

This 2WD tractor model offers impressive fieldwork on every farm, delivering efficient performance at low fuel consumption. It has a 4 -cylinder engine, generating 2000 RPM at 45 HP with 2979 cc capacity. Moreover, the Mahindra YUVO tractor has an oil-immersed braking system and a power steering column to provide a smooth driving experience. In addition, it has a full constant mesh transmission with an optional single and dual-clutch. Along with these amazing features, the price of this Mahindra tractor is reasonable, and it is listed on Tractor Guru at Rs. 7.45 to 7.60 lakh in India. 

It is a top-quality mini tractor model in India, perfect for your gardens and orchards. The Mahindra JIVO is fitted with a sliding mesh transmission and single friction plate clutch to control 8 forward + 4 reverse gears. Furthermore, its engine produces 2300 RPM at 24 HP with a 1366 cc, 2-cylinder engine. Also, oil-immersed brakes are installed in this tractor for grip and safety. Apart from this, this mini tractor is available from Rs. 5.15 to 5.30 lakh in India.

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