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The Mahindra Blazo X 40: Bengaluru's Hauling Powerhouse.


In the busy city of Bengaluru, whose logistics and transport keep the wheels of commerce spinning, the mighty Mahindra Blazo X 40 tractor trailer towers over it all as a monster truck. This big machinery is revolutionizing road transportation with its unprecedented performance, fuel economy, and value proposition.

A Workhorse Built for Demanding Loads:

Equipped with a 7200cc diesel motor that offers the equally enormous equivalent of 280 horsepower, the astonishing Mahindra Blazo X 40 is created to deal with the hardest towing tasks. This tractor-trailer has a GVW (or Gross Vehicle Weight) of 39,500 kg intended during its construction, so, it is a very suitable vehicle for a business that requires efficient transportation.

The diesel-fueled and aerodynamic, Blazo X 40 is highly efficient in terms of fuel economy. This basically amounts to a large cost reduction in vehicles' operation and purchase by fleet operators and owner-drivers, which in the long run makes it a smart investment.

Unbeatable Value for Your Investment:

In the city of Bengaluru, where cost-effectiveness is of great essence for the companies, at the same time the Mahindra Blazo X 40 tractor trailer can beat the value proposition. Mahindra blazo x 40 price in bangalore starts from Rs. 33.04 lakh, this powerful and reliable massive hauling machine comes with great value at an affordable price.

In addition, has come up with special finance terms and EMI plans for Mahindra Blazo X 40. The loan was taken for 59,162 which I have to pay in a total of Rs. 35 lakhs. At the price of 50 lakhs (including interest), this beast has never been so easily accessible.

For experienced logistics operators and the upwardly mobile, the Mahindra Blazo X 40 tractor-trailer is ready to become your preferred hauling solution in Bengaluru. Having in mind its unparalleled power, fuel economy, and lowest cost of ownership this truck is likely to become a must-have means for businesses to transport goods within the city and beyond.