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10 Controversial Topics for Academic Papers

Submitted by LyleRedmon on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 06:02

One powerful thing about academia is that it allows people to broaden their minds and think about the bigger picture, at the same time align themselves towards what they believe is right and justify the reason behind their belief, sometimes Informed, sometimes conjectures It's easy to write about Issues and subjects that people generally agree on, but the real challenge lies in expressing views about something which has already divided the society and compels you to take a side. based on your knowledge on the subject as well as personal perception This Is what writing about controversial topics holds and It Is the true test of a person's ability to defend his/her own judgement as well as rationalize the opposing part, not by accusations but analytical reasoning. The idea behind addressing controversial topics is the fact that not everything is black or white, but a lot of It Is gray. Following are 10 controversial topics that Will test your knowledge and your skills In writing papers.

1) Donald Trump as president
There has been a lot of speculation about this one. Many people describe him as the harbinger of change, but some are skeptical about his tenure due to the lack of experience and aptitude, Will he change America for the better or worse?

2) Rape Victims In India
Cases have surfaced In India where women have been raped by men and groups of men disgustingly. which has resulted in many women losing their lives. People regard the act of rape to be equivalent to a death penalty, whereas some people consider this a mental defect and think that medical treatment can solve this bane, What are your views?

3) Net Neutrality
Net neutrality has allowed the internet users to freely access the world wide web for purposes of sharing and gaining knowledge as well as opinions and polls. Recently. the concept of removing net neutrality and giving control to the providers has taken the world by storm. They believe that With net neutrality abolished,
the internet can be a much safer place. DO you agree?

4) Immigrants deportation
The new president of the United States has voiced his views on the Muslim community and immigrants in the USA and has vowed to throw them out of the country and send them back to their own, Do you think this Is a secular move?

5) Gun control
Recently, there has been a rapid increase in purchase records of guns in the USA for self- defense purposes. Also. reports have shown that there has been a 35% Increase in murders by guns. Should gun laws be put In effect or Is It a good Idea to sell guns to civilans’7

6) Torture Practices
The military uses extreme torture to interrogate potential suspects for information. Should that be allowed?

7) Minimum Wage Increase
The federal government wages are nearly 7 25$ per hour, which Is considered low by some people who think it should be increased, Other people believe that It would hurt smaller businesses and the economy.

8) Data Security
Huge conglomerates like Google store personal data and Information of their users In the name of security, but with the recent hacks in cloud servers, it is also conSIdered to be a huge risk in data privacy.

9) Should Prostitution be legal?
Prostitution is considered as a defilement of women in the society. but some choose to indulge in it. Should it be banned or legalized?

10) Cameras in public places considered invasion of privacy
Although, the intention behind CCTV coverage was security, but most people believe that It is an active violation of privacy. Is that so?

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