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3 Suggestions for Playing Blade & Soul

Submitted by luckyowl on Mon, 04/04/2016 - 18:44

Blade and soul has been a game that many of us have been waiting for years to get our hands on, after seeing all the trailers and gameplay footage, having first-hand experience at the game gives a completely different feeling of its own. Blade & Soul is a strong, solid hybrid of the two genres, with exciting raid bosses and a robust community for PvP that has several World Championships already.

1. Basic knowledge of Combat 
First and foremost, you need to attract the enemy in front of you and within the necessary distance for your attack. That might sound obvious, but when it comes to dungeon raids, enemies move around the environment a lot and the game relies on manual targeting. Apart from bosses and semi-bosses, most enemies won't have telegraphing data, so be careful about the attack animations of an enemy to dodge and counter properly. By the way, if you need blade & soul gold, just click.

2. Skill Points Experiment
Your character skill can be changed skill points set noticeably. You'll start earning a single skill point to assign for you at level 15, but you need to get through Act I Chapter 17 when you start putting those points into good use.
Most skills with small effect is infused by skill points such as healing properties and adding damage, but some trees can change the skill into a different one or give awesome CC effects which are knockdown, airborne, freezing, daze, and stun. You can use your experiment skill trees when there's no cost to reset your skill points. A simple change of the skill means a combo string can be lasted for fifteen seconds.

3. Don't Loss Surveys and Daily Dash for Free Items
Everyone likes free items. At every two levels or so (it becomes more space out after Level 18), you will receive surveys from BNS where you answer a few multiple-choice questions and fill out a comment. Completing these make you all kinds of healing items, keys for opening chests, and unlocking charms to access rare equipment drops.
Don't miss out on the Daily Dash. Every day you can get two spins that make you move anywhere from 1-6 spaces at 100-space board. You will pick up free items that get rarer and rarer as you move along three or four steps once. A special item you'll receive when you reach the end.

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