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The printer for Personal Office and Small Working Group Users

Personal Office and Small Working Group Users, this kind of user's daily printing job usually involves both image and document. Although the requirement of image printing is not as high as that of professional users, it still needs better quality. But the original cartridge is too expensive for such users, so we may choose high quality compatible cartridges. As mentioned earlier, domestic manufacturers can compete with foreign brands in ink manufacturing technology, such as the "carbon zero" technology of primary color technology, printing effect will never be inferior to the original cartridge, but the price is much cheaper, to achieve a win-win situation of quality and price.

General household users characteristic is that the printing requirement is relatively low, and most of them only print occasionally. They usually choose entry-level printers, and manufacturers generally use cartridges and ink heads to design such printers. There are two disadvantages: first, when a certain color is used up, the whole set of printers will be changed; second, the replacement of ink heads will increase the cost. So many people complain that this kind of printer is affordable but not useful. Even you may think that it is more cost-effective to buy a new machine than to replace the cartridge. At this time, compatible cartridge is undoubtedly the best choice for ordinary household users. In fact, we can also try to choose the way of ink injection, which not only prevents the waste of single color, but also greatly saves the cost. What if the nozzle is blocked? It's not too late to change it. The ink cartridge is replaced at the same time. Moreover, although the probability of plugging exists, it is not as serious as expected. As for the printing quality after ink injection, it is still acceptable. Ordinary home users should be the most out of the superstition of the original cartridge consumers, of course, if you don't care about that little money that is another matter, after all, the quality of the original cartridge has a great guarantee, can make people feel more at ease. Next time I'll share more information about printer, printer toner cartridge and cf248a toner