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The printer of enterprise users

This includes professional users engaged in various types of advertising design, art design, digital photo printing and so on. Because of the needs of its own industry, this kind of use class pays great attention to the printing quantity, and has a very high requirement for the performance of color. Therefore, the author believes that such users should choose the original consumables at any cost, and should use a brand with the printer. After all, the ink production process of each manufacturer is different, and the products of famous brands can often be well matched. Remember, quality is first!

Although they are both enterprise users, this category is obviously different from the previous one. Printing requirements of enterprise users, mainly document output, focus on quantity, and print quality generally requires clarity. Therefore, the choice of consumables should be based on economy and durability, which is very suitable for compatible cartridges. Maybe there are still many people who are biased against compatible cartridges. In fact, after years of development, the production technology of compatible cartridges has been relatively perfect, and some brands of ink production technology has even reached the international level. Of course, that's a small number. The quality of most compatible cartridges is still a long way from that of the original cartridges. However, the performance in document output is outstanding, besides, the price advantage of the original cartridges is incomparable.

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