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compatible and the original cartridge ②

When choosing compatible cartridges, we still need to choose carefully, because there are many brands of compatible cartridges and ink on the market, and the quality is uneven. When you choose, you will find that generally, well-skilled compatible consumables manufacturers will produce corresponding cartridges and inks according to different brands of printers such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark and so on, with more complete products. Secondly, better compatible brands have good after-sales service. If the printer fails due to the use of the brand product, the company will generally provide technical services such as repairing machines for users. Generally, we choose more famous brands, so that the quality will be guaranteed.

When purchasing, we should try our best to choose the brand with professional manufacturer or powerful distributor in China, the brand with complete specifications and perfect service support, the brand with good reputation in newspapers, forums and other media. For those who do not specify the manufacturer and address, do not have origin, do not have Chinese instructions, only introduce the products from XX countries in the publicity materials. If there is no after-sales service and other products, we should be more careful.

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