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compatible and the original cartridge

At present, there are three main types of cartridges in the market, one is original cartridge, one is counterfeit original cartridge and the other is compatible cartridge. Among them, counterfeit original cartridges occupy most of the domestic cartridge Market (the quality of counterfeit cartridges is poor because they have inherent shortcomings from the beginning of production, such as the counterfeiters will be the original cartridge filling secondary ink regeneration, because the quality of ink is too poor to be guaranteed). The price of the original cartridge is still high, the quality of the counterfeit cartridge is too low, and even the hardware will be damaged. Is there a better compromise? Choosing compatible cartridges with relatively excellent quality and low price of 1/3-1/2 of the original consumables should be a smart choice for users to pursue cost-effective performance. In addition to compatible cartridges, these manufacturers can generally provide compatible ink for your filling. Compatible ink is Refill inks. It usually uses plastic bottle inks. It can also be divided into Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, COLOR, PHOTO and other products. Regular compatible products of this type are equipped with detailed instructions and corresponding filling tools. You can inject ink into used original cartridges or compatible cartridges for repeated use. In terms of types, filling ink covers almost all types of printer cartridges of major brands. Personally, I think that for readers who only print general text, compatible ink from regular manufacturers should be your first choice.

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