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We will become a team that cannot be ignored


The Kings beat the NBA Live Coins Heat 123-119 after overtime today. The King’s Daron Fox had an interview after the match.


"I feel that I can rush to the basket at any time. The coach said that at the end of the game, the two sides will be very physically confrontational. They will not give us any chance. I will change to the left hand and finish what I usually practice. This is the case with throwing.” Fox said when he dragged the game into the overtime throw.


He helps all young players grow

In 12 games played after being traded to NBA MT Coins the Lakers, Lakers point guard Isiah Thomas has helped the team achieve seven victories and has developed some chemical reactions with new teammate Kyle Kuzma.

After finishing the team's training today, Kuzma talked about the feeling of fighting with Thomas.

Williams looks like he has not missed a game

Sun Interim coach Jerry Triiano received an interview today and expressed his opinions on NBA MT Coins the recovery of Alan Williams.

Williams suffered a knee injury last season and underwent surgery. He had been undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. He took part in the team's 5-on-5 training today.

Connecticut fired coach Kevin Oli

NBA reporter Jeff Goodman NBA MT Coins reported that the University of Connecticut has already fired head coach Kevin Ollie.

In the NCAA games that ended two days ago, UConn lost to the South Methodist University at 73-80, and their season ended. This season, their record is 14 wins and 18 losses, winning less than 50% for two consecutive seasons. Two days later, the University of Connecticut announced that Orly's contract was terminated with "justified reasons."

We came in the playoffs

The Celtics beat the Timberwolves 117-109 away on  the road today. After winning the game, the Celtics became the second team to NBA Live Coins enter the playoffs. This is also the 55th time in their history. Enter the playoffs.

After the game Celtic player Al Horford also released a push close-up: "We have come in the playoffs, Celtics come on!"

In this game, Howard played 34 minutes, 8 of 14 shots, 20 rebounds, 8 assists and 1 blocked shot.

Stevens Brown and Timberwolves together

Today the Celtics beat the NBA Live Coins Timberwolves 117-109 away. According to previous reports, the Celtics forward Jay Brown lost his balance after a dunk and fell to the ground before leaving the game.

After the game, Celtic coach Brad Stevens said in an interview: "Jerlen Brown feels good when he left the stadium. He went for a CT examination. He was with the Timberwolves team doctor. So he got a very good care."

Germany handsome we will eventually lose

Rockets today 122-122 win over NBA MT Coins the Thunder, Mike D'Antoni after the match media interview.

"We dealt with the ball today a bit careless, I want to recover the previous words, the key to winning is to reduce errors, we reduce errors in this area to do better, the scene does not look good, but our defense is really good in three and a half, We've done a good job in a lot of ways and it's not easy to beat an opponent here, "said D'Antoni.

Ba Mote We feel we can fight any opponent

Rocket against the Thunder NBA MT Coins tomorrow, Rockets players believe that such a test is good for them.

"In a sense, that's it, every game is important, right? Tomorrow's game is even more important," said Luk-Richard-Baumter.

Barmott goes on to say: "But for us, we always say that it's all about us and that's all about our progress on the defensive end, and we're on the offensive end."

Tomorrow game against Thunder will be a test for us

Rockets star James - Harden interviewed NBA MT Coins today by the media, he talked about many aspects.

Eric Gordon and Harden watched yesterday at the University of Houston game, they are to support the Houston University coach Kevin - Sampson's.

76 people in the third section 6 minutes 32 seconds

The 76ers were away to NBA MT Coins the Bucks on the road today, while the 76ers came 86-72 ahead of the game with 6:32 left, but they did not score for the rest of the third quarter and ended 86-93 in the third quarter .

The Bucks hit a wave of 27-3 in 8 minutes and 25 seconds, during which time the Bucks shot 12-for-24, 27 points and 15 rebounds and 1 turnovers; 76 12 vote 1, 3 3 rebounds 7 mistakes.

The Sixers currently rank sixth in the East with 34 wins, 27 losses.


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