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The Storm Flip is a armament with a simple premise

The Storm Flip is a armament with a simple premise: bandy it, and it’ll backslide the area. If the breadth was safe, now there’s an accretion storm billow that hurts enemies. If the acreage was already beneath the acrimony of the storm XFIFA, the Flip will instead actualize an accretion breadth of safety. On paper, the Storm Flip is a alluring abstraction meant to admission mobility, as players cannot artlessly aperture up in one breadth and advance assurance if their adversary has one of these new grenades to use.

But in practice? Things are abundant messier, abnormally if you use the Storm Flip abreast the end of the game, if the storm is already closing in. As this blow by TakeoffsFN shows, you in actuality cannot acquaint what’s safe and what’s not. The abridgement of afterimage makes the annual a alarming proposition.

Judging from added clips that players are sharing, this abashing isn’t an abandoned incident. If you bandy the Storm Flip during the final circle, adversity ensues for anybody involved, including the accepting who yields it.

It’s abundant of a botheration that, a day afterwards agreement it into the game, Ballsy has arise that the Storm Flip will be disabled from both the Apple Cup accessible this weekend, forth with Amphitheatre mode.

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