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Psyonix knows that you are a large fan of the DC universe

Psyonix knows that you are a large fan of Rocket League Crates the DC universe,so he showed a brand new alliance with Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment.Thanks to it Rocket League will get hold of numerous content material of your favorite superheroes.

The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack might be available from next March 5.This package deal will give you access to two new Batmobile fashions,on the way to absolutely be familiar to the Knight of the Night lovers.This is the classic 1989 automobile and the Tumbler,which you will really consider from the trilogy of more current movies.

The surprises do now not give up there,due to the fact Psyonix also showed a sequence of Rocket League Trading extras from the Justice League.These are factors to decorate your motors and deliver them a unique appearance.Next,I depart you a trailer,a few pix and the list with the relaxation of the contents of this DLC.