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There aswell a alternative of altered boodle boxes

Submitted by lolgafuyu on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 05:55

Those are the highlights, but the account of changes in this new amend is appealing lengthy. You can appearance the abounding application addendum on Rocket League's website. Beneath is an outline of Rocket League Items the aloft bug fixes that are now live.

Rocket League is accessible for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch. The Xbox One, PC, and Switch versions of the bold all abutment cross-play with one another.Rocket League fans, grab your council auto and rev up those engines for a chilling time over the next brace of weeks.

That's right, it's already afresh time for the Rocket League Halloween accident to yield over the game. It'll accompany in new and abiding in-game Halloween items for you to get your easily on in the assorted boodle boxes available.

By amphitheatre games, you'll acquire Candy Corn items that can be adored for new decals, toppers, wheels, and boodle boxes. There's aswell a alternative of altered boodle boxes accessible to acquirement that can be acclimated to redeem this year's items, as able-bodied as items from antecedent years, in case you absent out on annihilation that you absolutely capital to get your easily on.

In addition, there's a Golden Pumpkin that contains appropriate customization items from the nitro, turbo, and player's best creates, which won't crave the acquirement of a key or decryptor.

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