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Just like accepted Rocket League items

Submitted by lolgafuyu on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 05:56

After the Halloween accident comes to an end on Nov. 5, players will accept an added three canicule to Rocket League Items redeem items with their Candy Corn. But you won't be able to acquire any added Candy Corn during the three-day time frame.

Rocket League is the bold that just keeps on giving; and to accumulate things fresh, Psyonix accept alone an all-new way to acquire in-game rewards.

Enter "Rocket Pass", a new affection that allows you to alleviate new and arbitrary customisation items for your cars artlessly by amphitheatre online! Every amateur starts at Tier 1, and the added you play, the college you acceleration through the ranks and alleviate added items.

Just like accepted Rocket League items, all of these unlocks are absolutely corrective and don't affect your achievement or accord you an advantage over added players.

Taking about 100 hours to complete, Rocket Canyon introduces a new and affected way to alleviate new items, affective abroad from the added randomized alleviate arrangement currently in the game.

Additionally, purchasing 'Rocket Canyon Premium' increases the akin of rewards and unlocks accessible to players, costing the aforementioned as the 10-key backpack (approximately AU$13.45). This gives players even added items to unlock, and rarer or added admired unlocks such as car bodies, auto and ambition explosions.

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