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Come to know how Lip Reduction Surgery helps to make your lips beautiful

More and more women (and men) come to the surgeon's office wanting to look better. And there are more and more, too, those who prefer to perform a minimally invasive treatment and not expose themselves to the rigor of the operating room and the scalpel.

Both Botox and hyaluronic acid are the most popular substances and practices chosen by doctors and patients. They have the same effect - rejuvenating the appearance of the face - but there are many differences between them. We present them to you
The Lip Fillers In Houston are one way to increase the size of the lips without resorting to surgery and implants as is achieved only through injections and the effect can last up to 6 months.
Types of fillers
Although the most common are those of collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers, of the latter the most recognized are the so-called Restylane and Juvederm, which are a kind of gel with particles that the body decomposes and creates the effect of greater volume.
The fillers of hyaluronic acid have become the favourites of the famous ones because they are soft to the touch and, in case there is some complication or the desired results are not reached, it is possible to inject a drug that dissolves the formula and returns the lips to normality
The Lip Reduction Surgery Houston themselves are not considered dangerous, rather it is the process of the injections which could put the patient at risk if the doctor who applies them does not have enough experience to do it with the appropriate technique. The most common negative effects are bruising, swelling, redness, sensitivity, and bleeding, although there may also be irregularities, lumps, and even infections.
The approximate Lip Injections Houston Price of a session is about 500 USD, and you should know that most medical insurance does not cover this type of cosmetic procedures. If you are thinking about going to this technique that is so fashionable among celebs, make sure you do it with a professional, but try some makeup techniques that help your lips look thicker without having to resort to fillers.
Dermal filler treatment by Doctor
The doctor who does Lip Lift Houston must master the technique of injection, know the characteristics of the product thoroughly and the possible adverse effects derived from its performance. The indications that we make from our experience do not exhaust the possibilities of achieving an evident aesthetic improvement only with the use of injectable materials; On the contrary, good training and knowledge of related techniques can be key to the rejuvenation of the areas that require it, always benefiting patients.
The majority of adverse effects that may occur are mild and/or transient. They emphasize the erythema, edema, bruising or bruises; others can be potentially serious or extend over time until they are resolved. The recommendations on the treatment of complications should follow the basic principles of Medicine in relation to its diagnosis and to the