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It happens on a yearly basis

It happens on a yearly basis: that delicious dilemma at the dessert table when you've got to decide between the three titans of Thanksgiving sweets: pumpkin, apple, or pecan cake? But what if put on be combined into 1 triple threat, dough divider a veritable Turducken of any Thanksgiving pie?

I was set on figuring out so I recently prepared three pie shells and also three respective batches with pumpkin, apple, and pecan quiche filling, and experimented with various ways.

Because each pie had an alternative suggested baking time plus temperature, I ended up baking each inside the oven for a middle-of-the-road 350°F for about 1 hour. In the case of Pie #3, however, MY SPOUSE AND I baked the pumpkin and also apple fillings for 17 minutes first before contributing the pecan.

I have included the recipe for one generous pie crust as well as a full pie's worth of each filling. This means it is possible to choose your own adventure with all the extra filling. You could simply twice the pie crust and develop extra filling to make more pies, or try to portion the below pie brown crust area, using two-thirds of the crust on your main pie, then divide the excess crust into small sectors and make mini pies implementing cupcake cups. Or, you could try halving the back filling recipes—I see no reason it wouldn't work.