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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

During Pregnancy, belly is getting bigger & you can barely see your legs, also alone shave is very hard. Due to the changes in hormones while pregnancy, you may get more hair growth around the nipples, belly, or other undesired places. If you do not shave or tweeze, the excess hair will normally fall off the next pregnancy.

Is It Reliable To Experience Laser Hair Removal in Dubai During Pregnancy?

Usually, laser hair removal is not carried on women in pregnancy, there are numerous reasons to dodge laser hair removal in pregnancy.

In the lack of research and because of the non-availability of knowledge on the negative results of a pregnant woman & her growing baby, most experts, & clinicians recommend delaying laser hair removal methods until after the birth. It's not sufficient to be on the opposite side of the sign, particularly while pregnancy.

Laser hair removal procedure utilizes non-ionizing transmission. This procedure delivers intense heat to eliminate the undesired hair from its sources. It doesn't generate any cell modification. The laser light rays enter your skin for just a few mm. Though, the non-iodizing rays can be occupied by the encompassing tissue in the region. Specialists are not convinced about how this may harm your expected baby.

For a few pregnant women, laser hair procedures can generate light pain, so medical specialists utilize numbing creams. The cream isn't prescribed in pregnancy as your body can assimilate anything utilized to the skin.

Your skin becomes very sensitive during pregnancy. The laser hair removal procedure may generate redness, discomfort, or sensitivity, driving to more skin problems.
The length & number of procedure sessions depends on your hair growth cycle. But the variation in hormonal levels while pregnancy can seldom reduce the hair growth cycle or arouse inert hair follicles. Therefore some women can undergo quick hair re-growth while they are important.

First of all the body hormonal fluctuations can induce variations to melanin stock, making the procedures to be more severe and less efficient.
The other reason is that the laser zapping can induce cricks, particularly when performed on lower abdominal & thighs.

The procedure is painful when done on a sensitive area like the breasts & bikini region in the later steps of pregnancy. Also, the skin is normally very sensitive while pregnancy, and you are likely to feel annoyance, redness, or discomfort in the skin.

Should You Delay Sessions of Laser Hair Removal Till Delivery?

If you are already in the middle of the laser hair procedure when you conceive, it's safe to delay the plan until after birth. You could constantly go for alternative methods of hair removals. Even if you keep the method on hold, it will not stop the improvement obtained in the initial sessions.

Your surgeon can decide whether to proceed or delay the treatment while pregnant. You should also talk to him about the security of alternative hair removal techniques such as waxing, electrolysis, & shaving. For more knowledge and skincare during pregnancy, you may contact lasers experts at Laser Lab Clinic in Dubai.