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Qualification & Skills of Telecom Tower Technician

Submitted by krishrock on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 11:45

Qualification & Skills of Telecom Tower Technician

Most companies usually ask that telecom tower technicians have some form of post-secondary education in electronics, telecommunications, or computing. Training in a technical college or an associate degree in electronics repair or computer science can be especially helpful.

Some companies will offer new recruits on-site training to bring them up to speed with the day-to-day operational requirements of being a skilled telecom tower technician. Others, however, may require that candidates have between one and two years of experience climbing towers before taking them on.

Telecom tower technicians also need to be able to work outside of regular business hours, have excellent administrative and oral communication skills, and understand how to use basic mechanical tools.

Job Outlook

Becoming a telecom tower technician on a freelance basis offers a variety of benefits. The main advantage is being able to choose when you work. As freelancers, telecom tower technicians can choose the hours that fit best with their lifestyle.

Freelancers also get to choose who they work for. A telecom tower technician may only want to work for a telecom provider in a specific state or one that can offer a particular pay rate.

Finally, working as a freelance telecom tower technician gives workers the freedom to work for multiple clients, keeping the work varied and exciting, and helping to diversify employment risk.

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