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How to make friends among classmates?

Submitted by Killstips on Fri, 07/20/2018 - 13:10

Friends always support in difficult moments. They cheer when it seems that everything is lost, and they will rejoice with you when your life presents a pleasant surprise. How to establish relationships with friends, if suddenly a black cat ran between you? To your friends do not leave you need to constantly nurture your relationship.
Make the first step to a friend to meet. There's no point in walking with your head down, because everyone has forgotten about you. Perhaps the crux of the problem is that you can not take the initiative. Analyze your relationships with friends, who usually call first and organize meetings. To establish relationships with friends, do not wait until your friend asks you to go somewhere or talk, there may not be a moment. The less you show initiative, the more likely the deterioration of relations with a friend, but remember, a friend always can help you with your homework but if you still haven't him/her you could try this out . Set some traditional meetings. Let's say that during student days you had a cheerful company, but now it has disintegrated. You can assign a traditional date when you can meet. For example, it could be the last Saturday of the month or the first day of the season. It all depends on your desire and capabilities. Another sure way, how to build relationships with friends, start to be friends with families. The most common reason why friends move away is the new family life of each of them. Work, marriage, children - all this, of course, change the attitude to yourself and to your friends. Call your girlfriend or friend and invite to go somewhere together with families. In the subsequent meeting, you will have an excellent occasion for discussion. After a while you will completely forget how it was possible to hold your free weekends in a different way. Consider also the financial situation of your friends. You do not need to call them in a trendy and expensive restaurant, if you know for sure that friends have financial difficulties. This can upset them and cause unpleasant emotions . They will begin to communicate less with you, and then completely disappear from your life. If you see that the reason for your parting was serious, do not save in yourself all the negative and do not postpone for tomorrow. Understand yourself, what exactly do you expect from the newly found relationships, that you could give to re-establish relations with your friends, and what your friend should understand. Remembering conflicts, reconciliation will not happen. If relationships are expensive for you, sincerely show your friends that they really need you. Chat "heart-to-heart" with your best friend or girlfriend, tell them that you are missing a former friendship.
How often can you hear: "He is my friend!" Friend. Sometimes there is no closer such a person. Relations with him our friendship. She, like friends, is different. Friendship begins casually, but it can last a lifetime if you know how to strengthen friendship.
1. Friendship does not tolerate insincerity. Be sincere with those with whom you are friends. Try never to say what you do not think. And if you have already said or promised, then keep your word. If you can not do something, then tell about this honestly and directly.
2. Find time for friends. Take a moment to strengthen your friendship: call and ask how things are, ask about your health. Write a letter if someone is far away. Be interested in their life, the life of their close people. Do not forget to congratulate on holidays. Make it clear that they and their friendship are important to you.
3. Do not betray! If you are trusted, then let all the information remain confidential. If they tell you about their problems, then they trust you, they value your opinion . Having lost confidence once it is impossible to return it back.
4. Be careful! Be able to support, encourage your friends. Be close at difficult times for them. This is the only way to strengthen friendship. Remember, a friend is known for trouble. And if not you, then who?
5. Be able to respect the choice of those people whom you call friends. Even if in some situations you do not agree with them, you can give advice, but the choice remains, alas, not for you. You may not understand, but you must take.
6. Do not forget to praise and not to be jealous! A friend is known not only in trouble! 7. Learn to admit your guilt and ask for forgiveness. There are different situations. Bad mood, incomprehensible look, misunderstood joke ...