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How to take care of orphaned or abandoned kitten

Submitted by joscatsite on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 09:51

When making the decisions to adopt an orphaned or abandoned kitten, there are several things that you should consider to ensure that the kittens is as comfortable as possible. For new parents, adopting a kitten is the hardest decision, because they have to take care of her like a real baby: from choosing the best dry kitten food, cat accessories, where to sleep, routine trips to the vet, etc. All these require careful planning to ensure the kitten finds a hospitable environment.

Here are some tips on how to take care of orphaned kittens:

Prepare a warm place to sleep

Immediately after birth,the mother keeps her babies warm in a nest that is made with old clothing, body fur, or other materials that they can get. In the absence of the mother, you should create an artificial nest that will keep the kitten warm, and that helps conserve the body heat. Ideally, you can use a carton box and line it with old t-shirts, towels or some cotton wool and make sure the carton sides are higher than the nest. If you have a heat lamp, you can place it a few steps away from the nest when the kitten is sleeping to sustain the warmth.

Feed her on special formulas for kittens

New cat owners make the mistake of giving their kitten whole cow milk, which is one of the worst human foods that you can give your cat. Kittens feed on mother’s milk which contains the right nutrients for growth and good health. If the kitten is abandoned or orphaned, you should introduce her to a formula that mimics the mother’s milk. Vets recommend getting them on a canned milk replacer that you can buy at the vet’s clinic. If you the kitten is all grown and nearing adult age, you should introduce her to the best canned kitten food or dry formulas that your vet recommends.

Use a syringe to feed her

A kitten will hardly eat because it is used to feeding on the mother’s milk. Most veterinaries recommend using the ordinary medical syringe (without a needle) or an eye dropper that mimic the shape of a nipple. You can buy the syringe from the vet’s clinic or pharmacies. I don’t usually recommend using a used syringe unless you have disinfected it to avoid contamination.

Visit the vet regularly

Kittens are fragile and may contract opportunistic illnesses while trying to adjust to the environment. Even if the kitten does not show signs of ill health, you should visit the vet’s clinic regularly for a checkup and consult your vet on your kitten’s health.