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Best ways to keep the carpet clean in a house with pets

Submitted by joscatsite on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 15:19

We love our felines, but they can sure make a mess in our homes. From the stubborn urine odor, unsightly poop, hideous mud and dirt to the tenacious fine strands of hair which are near-impossible to remove with regular vacuuming, feline owners face a myriad of challenges maintaining their carpets.

So what are the best way to keep your carpet clean if you have pets?

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming is among the pet-friendly ways of keeping your carpet sparkling clean as well as prolonging its longevity. With your felines constantly running around your floor, vacuuming using the
best carpet cleaner for pets is even more important to ensure that all the dirt, dust and track of mud carried by your pet from outside is quickly removed before it accumulates.

Clean Urine Quickly

Another effective way of maintaining a clean and spotless carpet is cleaning up the mess immediately it happens. If you allow a mess to stay for long, it quickly builds up and becomes harder to clean up later.

For instance, if your pet accidentally messes on your carpet, press a soft fabric over the area to absorb the urine before it seeps into the carpet pad.

If you have to use carpet cleaning solutions, avoid solutions that may affect your carpet or pet. Also, avoid, ammonia-based solutions, as they have a scent similar to that of animal urine, which can send mixed signals to your pet, especially if you are
potty-training them.

The good thing with immediately cleaning up the mess allows your pet to interpret it as inappropriate behavior and will desist from doing it again.

Choose the Right Cat Litter

Cat litters are essential in keeping our homes clean and tidy. However, if you are a pet owner, you are aware that cat liters are not designed the same and perform differently.

It`s sadly annoying that litter does not seem to stay in the box where it belongs, but rather gets tracked all over the house.

You can, however, overcome this issue by using a cat litter that doesn't track. This litter ensures that your cat does not leave the track when they leave from the litter box and keeps your home clean and free from litter trails across the carpet.

Clean Your Mats, Rugs, and Washable Covers

In addition to vacuuming your carpet, you should also clean your cushion covers, mats as well rug. Thankfully, your washing machine should be your best friend here.

Before placing them again, consider taking a strategic approach. For instance, rugs or bristly can be placed at the entry of your house or outside the door, as they will scrub off the dirty paws and dirt before your pet set foot on your carpet.

Nothing takes a toll on your carpet much faster than smudge, dirt and a combination of dirty fur and paw print. However, you can use the above pet clean-up tips to repel dirt and bacteria, as well as improve the overall aesthetics of your home.